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Dr. Edith Shiro, a licensed clinical psychologist based in Miami, Florida, specializes in trauma within her private practice. With a deep passion for her work, she had extensive experience aiding diverse groups dealing with various emotional challenges and daily life issues. Her expertise encompasses areas such as immigration, emotional and sexual abuse, violence, school shootings, loss, parenting, and relationship and communication difficulties. Dr. Shiro collaborates with individuals, communities, couples, families, adolescents, and young adults.

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Individual Therapy

From as early as we can remember, we are taught to be selfless – the importance of sharing our belongings, time, and affection with the people around us. We learn to place our attention outside of ourselves, but this disconnect from our being goes against our intuitive need for love and personal care. Dr. Edith Shiro invites you to rebuild that connection with yourself, where you will work in a safe, caring, and nurturing environment to explore your personal feelings and beliefs, free of judgments. Throughout your sessions, you learn to connect with your inner wisdom, use your emotions for healing and growth, and foster a sense of deep self-love from the inside out.


Couples Therapy

Honest and open communication is paramount for a long and happy partnership. Dr. Edith Shiro works with couples to recognize and transform communication patterns so both individuals can speak their truth with a voice of love and compassion. Together, you will explore possible conflict areas – previous relationships, extended family, economic worries, parenting styles, sexuality, and intimacy – and create actionable goals to help bring your relationship into a balanced and loving state.


Family Therapy

The bond between parent and child is built upon trust, patience, honesty, and unconditional love. The delicate emotional ties we experience within families can make these relationships some of the most difficult to navigate. Together, you will approach these pillars with an open heart and the willingness to listen, acknowledging that healthy communication will ultimately heal unresolved conflicts and ongoing family issues. Patterns of emotional distress will be broken down, and we will create a foundation for open dialog where family members can express themselves fearlessly.


Community Development

Teams work better when individuals feel their voices and talents are acknowledged and appreciated. Dr. Edith Shiro helps businesses, educational institutions, and organizations of all sizes improve working relationships and design collaborative environments for their communities to thrive in. Through team strengthening exercises, you improve communication and trust, help identify areas for growth, and create a space to acknowledge how each individual contributes to the overall success of your organization. Teams will unite for a cause bigger than themselves, fostering community and setting the stage for future breakthroughs.

Clinical Services

Schedule a Session

In her clinical practice, Dr. Shiro specializes in trauma and post-traumatic growth, holding space and guiding her patients to achieve greater potential and higher consciousness. Please connect with her by completing this form and taking your first step towards transformation.

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