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Una guía para el crecimiento postraumático

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In psychology, post-traumatic growth (PTG) is a positive psychological change experienced as a result of struggling with very challenging and stressful life circumstances. These circumstances represent significant challenges to the individual's adaptive resources and pose significant challenges to the way the individual understands the world and his or her place in it. PTG involves “life-changing” psychological changes in thinking and relating to the world and to oneself, which contribute to a personal process of change that is deeply meaningful.

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Revolutionizing our understanding of trauma, this book provides readers with a five-stage guide for achieving post-traumatic growth—a concept akin to Kübler-Ross's five stages of grief. Acknowledging trauma as an inherent part of the human experience, encompassing both physical and emotional upheavals, the narrative explores how these events can profoundly alter our existence. Despite advancements in understanding the long-term neurological and physical effects of trauma, many remain unaware that the experience does not inevitably condemn them to a life of perpetual suffering and grief.

In this distinctive work, acclaimed psychologist Dr. Edith Shiro unveils a potent five-step framework for post-traumatic growth. This therapeutic process not only facilitates recovery but also fosters personal development and renewal following trauma. Inspired by the experiences of her grandparents, who were Holocaust survivors and refugees, Dr. Edith Shiro has devoted her life to the study of trauma and its aftermath.


Developed over more than three decades of research and practice, Dr. Edith Shiro's stages—Awareness, Awakening, Becoming, Being, and Transforming—explain how trauma can catalyze positive, transformative change. Grounded in science and packed with practical tools and teachings, The Unexpected Gift of Trauma reveals a revolutionary new way to view trauma and recover from its effects.

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Dr. Edith Shiro

Dr. Edith Shiro is a highly sought after speaker at conferences and workshops nationwide, a featured guest on TV, radio and podcasts, and as a published author in esteemed journals and magazines. Her expertise spans diverse platforms, offering a multifaceted perspective on psychological well-being, current world events, and global healing movements. She is fluent in English, Spanish, and Hebrew.

For media interviews, she expertly comments on issues connected to:
  • Trauma and Post-Traumatic Growth

  • Conscious Parenting: Anxiety, Bullying, Resiliency

  • Cultural Communities in Crisis

  • Immigration and Acculturation

  • Happiness, Healing, and Wellness

  • Psychedelic Therapy

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